30 June 2011


Since it took over an hour to load the nine pictures to the blog yesterday, we didn't have time to comment.  Shannan, here are some explanations.

We had the privelege of helping in 3 water well rehabs.  It is much cheaper to repair the wells than drill new ones, so the family we stayed with the past week let us come help.  We visited two villages on Tuesday and we had no idea what to expect.  We arrived at the first village and within 10 minutes everyone from the village was standing around the well, singing praises to God for what was about to happen, and then the well rehab began.  The women sang for 4 hours straight, while the men repaired the well.  One lady convinced me to dance with her and I am pretty sure I looked silly but went with it.

The second village rehab was very similar.  The man who is over community development told us afterwards that he has had people come to repair wells in the past but charged over $9,000 each and so he was thankful for Living Water International who was part of the well repair funding.  He also mentioned that he would be telling all of the other villages that they need to follow Jesus (even though he is not a believer at the moment) because in the past he had only seen Jesus on the cross, but this day he had seen Jesus in us. (I HAD TO HOLD BACK MY TEARS).

The team we stayed with also particpates in a literacy program in the villages because many of the church members cannot read the Word of God.  They also train the leaders individually so they can be equipped to teach and church plant.  The Church among the Dagara people group is growing so fast and there are not enough people that can train these leaders...pray for people to be sent to this group so they can be soundly trained.

We head to the farm in the morning....we will take pictures and hopefully  post in a few weeks. 


  1. I got chills from the story of the man knowing Jesus, now through you. It's an amazing story you are writing, so many lives will be changed forever.

  2. Ha!!

    (Note to self: Why am I so bossy???)

    I can't get over the guy who saw Jesus in YOU. And I can't believe you were able to hold back the tears! This is so exciting to be a part of, guys. Thank you for taking the time to share here.

  3. I want to dance with you!! Living water, what a blessing. Isn't it amazing what God will do through us when we are available,and set our priorities as His priorities? They sang for 4 hours, WOW, we really do not know what we have in America. We have a lot to learn here. You guys will never be the same, Glory to God,thank you for sharing, Dwight and I look everyday for your updates, love you, the Garbers.

  4. beautiful. love you both and miss you guys SO much, but i also couldn't be happier that you are there. being Jesus.

  5. What beautiful stories! We are so blessed to be able to share this trip with you through your pictures and words. And how bessed you two are that you are able to be used by Jesus to love and minister to so many people around you. We miss you and love you much. You are constantly in our prayers. To God be the glory! Can't wait to hear more. Love you, mom and dad.