20 June 2011

Madame T's Story-June 16

She pulled in on Monday morning at 9:00 am on her moto.  She was beautiful and strong looking, and she was to be our Dioula language tutor for the next week.  She spoke only French and Dioula (and a few English words) but somehow we have made it work.  She never begins our mornings without prayer, and then typically we do our Language Aquisition Plan and go over some basic conversational items.  Today was different, though.  Today, we got to hear this great lady tell her story about her Savior, Isa.
…Madame T grew up in a Muslim family in Cote D’Ivorie.  When she was 10 years old her dad wanted her to attend school in Burkina Faso but her grandmother insisted she stay in the home and help with the chores.  Since she was too old to begin school, her father found a way to make a few tweaks on her birth certificate so she could be a few years younger, and despite her grandmother’s wishes, she was off to live with her older brother in Burkina Faso to attend school. 
    It was when Madame was 12 years old that she said she finally met the “One True God”.  Her life up to this point she had never known the “One True God” but she gave her life to Christ that day when it became clear who Jesus was.  Her family quickly found out that she gave her life to Christ and came to Burkina in an attempt to sway her decision otherwise.  Even at the mere age of 12, Madame T said she finally knew her Savior, Jesus, and no one would ever be able to convince her to go back to her old ways.  Because of this, her family disowned her for many years, at the age of 12, for following Christ.
      She counted the cost and it was worth it.
   Madame T’s mother passed away a few years after this, so a wealthy family in Burkina that had been good friend’s with her parents would have Madame T and her cousin over for dinners and to help her along.  Madame T would tell them the joy she had from Jesus but they had no interest.  So Madame T began to pray they would encounter Jesus.  She would pray for them at their gate before entering; she would pray for them before she ate meals with them; she would pray each time she thought of them.  For nineteen years, she prayed for this family to know Christ.  Not too long ago Madame T got a call.  It was this family letting her know they encountered Jesus and decided to follow him.  The husband, his two wives and all of their children are now following Christ.  Madame T’s persistent prayers were heard!  These people too had to leave everything they knew for the past 60 years so that they would have eternal life in Jesus Christ. A small sacrifice for a God that is worth it.
Madame T went on to marry a pastor and now teaches women here how to cook on solar ovens.  She has also worked on microfinance projects, has helped get low cost meds out to the people that need it, served in clinics, and does just about everything else a servant would do.

At the end of her story, there was nothing better that we could think of doing than praying to our Father in heaven for loved ones and friends who have not experienced the freedom, healing, hope and salvation in Christ that we all have found.  We know God heard the prayers we said, prayers in Dioula, French and English.  Our God is a big God.

Here's just a few pics from the past 2 weeks!

We love you all!

Sleeping man...on the top of a van...that is rapidly moving...on roads that are largely unpaved and filled with holes.

Morning fruit ladies on our street

The wildest animals we've seen to date (besides a pet monkey that we saw just a few hours ago)


  1. 'she counted the cost and it was worth it.'

    i'm in tears over here. our God is undeniably worth it.

    ps i don't know him, and he's probably awake and off that van by now, but i'm feeling the need to pray for that sleeping man!

  2. What a beautiful story. God is so faithful.

    I am praying for you every morning and whenever you are brought to my thoughts.

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  4. What a crazy cool story Madame T has! Our God IS a big God! Miss you guys - praying for you!

  5. Thank you, oh thank you, for sharing that story. I am reminded of the need to continue to pray for lost souls in my own family...

  6. Praying for you! It sounds like you are doing great! We can't wait to hear all about it!
    Love you,
    Ryan, Jessie, and Jenna

  7. This was an encouragement for me to continue to pray for my grandparents who do not know Jesus Christ. I have been praying for them since I was a little girl and had recently felt discouraged and wanting to give up! Thank you for this story!