12 July 2011

Life on the Farm

Life on the farm has been great and difficult at the same time.  I (Lori) wouldn't consider myself high maintenance but not having electricity has challenged me to say the least:) Pretty sure using the composting toilets has been the hardest part for me!  We have been living with the G family and they are so much fun!!  They recently just moved to the farm back in May and so it has been an adjustment for them as well.  They have 2 paid farm managers who live on the property.  The farm managers are from 2 of the local villages.  They are learning some new farming techniques that they can then teach their home villages.  One of the farm managers had been seeking Jesus for some time and within the past few years became a Christ follower after observing the G Family while living on their property.  He is the minority is this community.
So we have done quite a bit of planting while we have been on the farm.  We have worked in the nursery and planted beans, corn, and living fences.  We built a chicken coop with scraps of wood and have done a few village visits.  Yesterday we were able to go to one of the farm manager's villages.  The guys went and worked in the corn field while the women gave a Nutrition lesson on Hygiene and told a Bible story.  It was awesome to be a part of.  Once again the village fed us a meal (this time with no utensils) and we headed back to the village of Kangoura.
It is officially becoming rainy season, as it has rained and been overcast for several days straight now.  The temps are dropping finally and the roads become very sketchy as the rain erodes what is considered to be the road.  Life on the farm has brought interesting critters our way, including a spider called "Horse of the Scorpions" because it is big enough to carry scorpions.  There are also many snakes and fortunately we have only seen the ones that have been killed.  I prefer to keep it that way for the next few days!!  We also had quite the adventure in the kitchen with several mice.  Several of us (including Landon) were screaming and hollering as the cat hunted these mice.  We had to laugh when we noticed the farm managers wife standing outside the kitchen door wondering what these white people were doing:)
Hope everything is going well back home.  We will be back before we know it.


  1. i've been waiting for a critter-filled post, and boy y'all do not disappoint. horse of the scorpions sounds like some crazy stuff.

    praying for you still. my heart thrills to know where you are, who you're serving, Who you're serving. love you.

  2. I wish I could be right there with you. Please, please, bring one of those "horse of the scorpions" back for your brother Landon! It would make your encounter with the mice seem like a boring event.
    We are praying and asking Jehovah the Almighty to show you direction and a vision for His future for the two of you. (hope you are getting the language down REAL GOOD)!!!!

  3. I loved every word of this post, but I'm still gagging a little over the composting (gag) toilets (gag). I'm totally lame, I know.

  4. I am so proud of you two and the way you are handling even the worst of this adventure (monster spiders, mice and snakes) not to mention the heat. I know God's hand is leading you through each and every trek of this adventure and I pray you will come home filled to the brim with the knowledge that you were doing just what He intended for you and that you will be a better people for it! I agree with Nancy and would love to be there to witness the encounter of the "Horse of the Scorpions" and Cory! Love you both and can't wait to see more pictures and hear more of what God is doing there!