16 July 2011


On the farm with the farm manager Cheq.  We planted a natural fence to replace the wood posts here.  The farm is named "Hereforo" meaning "Peace Farm"

We were able to take a few hours and visit the Sindu Peaks.  It was about an hour hike through the beautiful peaks behind us.  We were put in a group with 5 young, very western looking Burkinabe.  They asked us if we knew their friend who lived in NYC:)  I had to smile.

After the hike we waited under a little hut for our ride.  We saw these girls walk by and greeted them in our Dioula so they came and sat with us.  They were amazed that our fingers, toes, and ears worked and looked just like theirs.  They'd touch our hair and giggle. I think we stand out here a bit. 

So apparently Cheik loves to cook up caterpillars and he wanted to give us a taste.  He popped off the heads, cleaned out the goop, and fried them with some onions.   

Note:  I, Lori, did not eat caterpillars but Landon dove right in.  Maybe this could answer the riddle to his digestion problems.  We ate this around a campfire that Landon built.  Campfires on the farm were so much fun! 

Waiting for our teammates to arrive at the farm for the team meeting and worship.

Babukari, the other farm manager's wife and daughter.  Landon learned the traditional Muslim washing and prayer from Babukari.  The two farm managers and Andrew pray each morning before work.  Landon was able to join them.  Cheik and Andrew pray in the name of Jesus but still use the traditional Muslim motions.  It was hard for Cheik to leave those behind when he started following Christ. 

This is the nursery we worked in.  In just a few short days, the seeds we planted had already started sprouting.  It was also nice and shady under this tree so it was pleasant to work back here!

Cheik killed this "viper" the day we were leaving the farm.  It was rather small compared to some of the others we had seen.  He and Babukari were quite skilled at killing those little buggars.  Thank goodness they knew what they were doing.

The dreaded toilet.  While it may not appear to be so bad from the picture, it did not always have the best smell and was always infested with flies.  The blue bucket we would take into the house at night and we could relieve ourselves in that so we didn't have to trek out here after dark.  
So we are now in Banfora for the last leg of our journey.  It has been so exciting to see God moving here in Burkina.  At a short stop for a meal at a hotel, Landon was reading his Bible when one of the employees came up to him.  Emmanuel, the worker, asked Landon if he could have his Bible...he had wanted one in English but they are hard to come by here in Burkina.  Landon eagerly handed it over, and Emmanuel said, "When you give someone the gift of the Word of God, you give them everything." That pretty much sums it all up.



  1. Absolutely amazing....I love reading your story. Prayers for continued safety, friendship, growth, and love.

  2. Great blog! Landon, dad is wondering if you could bring him back some of the fried catipillars? He really enjoyed the fried grasshoppers he had in Huatulco!!! I hope you are feeling better and I loved seeing the pictures and hearing about your adventures. We love you guys and miss you but are so excited to able to witness your growth in service to God!

    See you soon!
    Mom & Dad Martin

  3. I can't get enough. I'm so excited to talk to you guys for hours on end when you get back!

  4. I read this post and got teary-eyed reading the last story. Just from your posts I can tell the Lord is changing you from the inside out. I'm so proud of you two for just being "available" to the Spirit and the ways He wants to teach you. Dusty and I miss you like crazy...just keep on taking one day at a time. Love you both!

  5. We have enjoyed tagging along for the journey! Thank you for having us. I can think of 6 little boys in Indiana who would love seeing the "viper" up close.
    You will always remember giving a brother in Africa EVERYTHING. Its like leaving a special piece of yourself behind.
    Until we see you back in North America, we love you and are praying for you both.

  6. If one of you hadn't eaten caterpillars i would have been SERIOUSLY disappointed.

  7. Lori and Landon,

    I am keeping up with all of your adventures. Thank you for sharing. It's truly inspiring to see God move in such incredible ways. Enjoy the rest of your journey!