29 July 2011

Finishing Strong

We can't believe we will be home in less than a week.  These last couple weeks have flown by and I feel like we have done so much travelling we could have covered the entire continent of Africa.  We made the journey down to Ivory Coast (15 hours in a van with 9 people). There was a leadership retreat for the church leaders in Ivory Coast that we were able to be a part of.  These people had just come out of over 10 years of crisis, so it was a time of refreshing for them.  Great people, awesome experience.

 We also got to visit and observe at the clinic/lab that serves the people of Abengouru, Ivory Coast.  They have a great HIV/AIDS program going on there...the people that work here are amazing!

We also had our first overnight village stay in an area that a church plant was going to be happening.  We are so glad we got to make it down to Ivory Coast to see all that has been going on, admist the crisis.

So today we head to Dano for a team retreat...it should be a lot of fun to see everyone again.  Then we head to Ouaga on Monday and fly out Tuesday night.  See you all soon!!  Thanks for your prayers throughout this trip.


  1. Well done, good and faithful servants. Did I just hear a voice from heaven say,"These are my children,in whom I am well pleased?"
    We will be praying for a relaxing trip home. I am so glad you made it the Ivory Coast. It is a real eye opener to see what others have been going through.
    Thanks for allowing us to tag along, love, the Garbers

  2. i miss you so much i can't see straight, but at the same time i'm sad for this summer to end. praying for God to do amazing things in and around and through you, even up to the very last bit.

  3. We cannot wait to see you!! Travel safe. I hope the flight goes by fast, especially for you, Lori!!
    Love you guys,

  4. God is good! All the time! Can't wait to see you guys this next weekend and get to hear all your stories and see your many pictures. Dad and I are so proud of the two of you and your obedience to go where God leads you. We were glad to hear you got to travel to the Ivory Coast and be a part of all the Holy Spirit is doing there!

    See you soon!